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 This is the first part of a ten-week series about the Venture Acadmy Participants. In these small stories, the participants tell us about their start-up and their team. We kick-off the series with the first team: GrowOffice


Growoffice is the first company offering aquaponic systems 
specifically designed for offices and their canteens

The GrowOffice start-up was born during the ‘Journey 2018’, a five-weeks summer school organized by Climate-KIC. A group of 40 students, from all over the world and from different backgrounds, work together applying entrepreneurship skills to develop innovative ideas to tackle climate change.

From the very beginning phase of ‘team buildings’, through the following weeks, the strength of our team lied on the harmony and creativity of our work environment and on the complementary skills and roles of each member:

Margot Möslinger (founder): Business Developer & Finances. She is the one who always came up with innovative ideas and keep the team united;

Tommaso Polci (founder): Environmental Analyst. He brings energy inside the group and represents the rational point of view;

Aki Pian (founder): Engineer & Technology Officer. She looks always for new opportunities and has the skill to bring the quality of the project to the top.

‘Our aim is to bring agriculture inside cities thanks to urban farming.’

Starting from the concept of aquaponics we develop a sustainable solution which is our GrowOffice product: a modular system where plants and fish are grown at the same time in a closed water circle. Thanks to this, we are able to tackle the problems related to traditional agriculture saving the 95% of water, avoiding the use of soil, pesticides and fertilizers and making 100% organic and fresh food.

The system is initially designed to be installed in companies’ canteens, where we are able both to provide high quality food for the employees and to increase the quality of the working environment. Starting from companies, our goal for the near future is to expand our market selling this product also to restaurants and then privates.

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