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PLNT The Hague

PLNT The Hague is the new entrepreneurial hub to the ecosystem in The Hague! Derived from our parent organisation, PLNT Leiden, and inspired by Leiden University Campus The Hague,  we provide space, knowledge, and assistance to startups in the region. Our mission is to encourage startups to emerge and to help them grow. We stimulate, facilitate and support talent to become innovative entrepreneurs. We bring together the worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship, literally as well as figuratively. Over the years we have developed our networks, and we continue to do so, to bring the entreprecurious to the next level. Our programmes offer tailored advice, assistance and action to take your idea into a realised startup. We look forward to welcoming you to our unique hub soon!

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PLNT The Hague

What does PLNT The Hague offer?

To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, PLNT The Hague organizes events, workshops and programs for students who are interested in entrepreneuship. We offer two different programs for students: Startup Play and the Venture Academy. Students of The Hague Campus - Leiden University can join for free to pursue their dreams of starting their own business. You can read more information about these programs down below. 

We also have our own student organisation called PLNT Students The Hague. Our mission is to become the leading student entrepreneurs association of The Hague. 

More information about PLNT Students The Hague


This is Startup Play

Are you a student, do you have a good idea for a startup, and do you want guidance in setting up your own business? Then Startup Play is the perfect match for you! 

Startup Play is the entrepreneurship program for anyone who wants to start their own business and who wants to discover if entrepreneuship fits them. For three months you will receive personal coaching and participate in the interactive Startup Playground sessions. Don't worry if you don't have a (complete) idea yet, your coach will guide you. The six session cover the following:

  1. Personal goals and expectations
  2. Defining the problem
  3. Professional development 
  4. Customer needs and Value Proposition
  5. You are a potential entrepreneur
  6. Business model & Pitch workshop

More info about Startup Play


This is the Venture Academy

Do you already have a validated idea and a business plan? Join the 4-month journey shared with a community of entrepreneurs, experts and mentors! During the Venture Academy you:

  1. Learn how to build a healthy team;
  2. Upgrade how you make business decisions;
  3. Get ready for your first round of funding.

The Venture Academy offers special tracks for startups in Space Technology, Life Sciences & Health, and Social Entrepreneurship

More info about the Venture Academy

FYI: The dates listed on this page are specific for the Venture Academy programme in Leiden. The rest of the programme information is applicable for the Venture Academy in The Hague.