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Seranovo naar Biopartner 4

20 november 2018

‘A while back, in December 2016, we decided to leave De Plek, a co-workingspace on the south side of Leiden, to become one of the early renters in the hub of innovation, HUBspot. Both HUBspot and the then called Nades Solutions still had a lot of rough edges to smoothen out, be it a missing ceiling or a terrible business case. We were sharing offices to save every precious euro we could. First with Virtual Reality Learning Lab and after that with Anyjobby in the student zone.

SeraNovo was incorporated in March 2017 and thanks to a greatly improved business case and funding from the government, we were able to accelerate our lab research and get a full office to ourselves. It was around that time that we realised there was never going to be a ceiling in HUBspot. Even changing the name to PLNT did little for the ceiling prospects.

By now things are looking up for SeraNovo and we recently acquired part of our in vivo Proof of Concept for our technology. With excellent results in hand we are now expanding to the Biopartner 4 building on the Leiden Bioscience Park with a full lab and office to get ready for a launching customer which is our plan for 2019!

A big thanks to PLNT and the community for the feedback, free beers and innovative environment that inspired us! We will certainly visit frequently to check up on the ceiling status and if you require speakers on entrepreneurship, Niall will be happy to give a talk.’


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