Whispp closes investment

22 maart 2022

Libertatis Ergo Holding B.V., FARE Capital and TomTom co-founder Pieter Geelen invest €450k in Leiden based startup Whispp. Whispp also receives the Rabobank Innovation Loan of €150k.

Leiden based startup Whispp develops AI speech technology to empower millions of people who suffer from a voice disorder or stutter severely. One thing these people have in common is that they are able to whisper in a clear and relaxed way. Whispp is the only speech technology in the world that converts whispered speech into the person’s natural voice, wíth the intonation and emotion you intended, in real time.

The investment will be used for further development of the AI speech technology and for market introduction of the mobile and desktop application. With the mobile app phone and video calls can be made and for live conversations it works like a voice amplifier. The desktop application can be used in combination with your preferred video conferencing platform.

For more information about Whispp go to: www.whispp.com

About Libertatis Ergo Holding (LEH)

Libertatis Ergo Holding (LEH) is an independent subsidiary of Leiden University, which invests in science based startup companies associated with the activities of Leiden University and supports entrepreneurs. www.libertatisergo.com

About FARE Capital

With the world facing these tremendous societal challenges around healthcare and food, FARE Capital commits to enterprises that are capable of making a difference in these sectors. We are looking for enterprises that embrace technology and innovation and rise up to the challenge. It is not about having an appealing idea. It is about investing in next generation technology and solutions that can be implemented on a large scale and can alter our way of life. www.farecapital.nl

About Rabobank Innovation Loan

We are happy to help with the financing of innovations. Especially if there are no proven results, cash flow or paying customers yet. Are you working on developments that contribute to digitization or making society more sustainable? Or is your company focused on developments in the field of vitality? Request the brochure and share your plan with us.


About PLNT

PLNT encourages startups to emerge and makes them grow. We stimulate, facilitate and support talent to become innovative entrepreneurs. We bring together the worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship, literally as well as figuratively. www.plnt.nl

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