Doser secures investment to deliver the first 3D printed tablets to patients

19 april 2022

Customised or personalised medication is currently expensive and not widely available. Doser has developed 3D printing technology with cartridges that can manufacture medicines available through pharmacies, to enable easy, affordable and safe personalised medication with many applications; lower dosage, easier to swallow or better tasting medication for children, or personalised medication to avoid side effects for individuals. Doser wants this technology to become a standard of care, affordable, and available to all.

Libertatis Ergo Holding (LEH) and Stichting Apothekers in Loondienst (SAL) are strategic partners, with a strong network of pharmacies, doctors, caregivers and investors. Their investment, together with the previous investments from a.o. Zuid Holland, Rabobank, NFKC & NWO, will be used to build more printers, and deploy them in various Dutch pharmacies to deliver the first 3D printed tablets to patients in 2022.

About Libertatis Ergo Holding B.V.
(LEH) is an independent subsidiary of Leiden University, which supports and invests in companies associated with the activities of Leiden University aimed at increasing the impact of Leiden University. “We are excited to support Doser, and this technology that has been developed in close collaboration with many partners in Leiden”. Rob Mayfield, Managing Director LEH. 

About Stichting Apothekers in Loondienst (SALfoundation is focused on the stimulation of  innovation initiatives in the field of pharmacy, especially self-preparation of medicines and personalized medication. “We were looking for an investment that would combine pharmaceutical innovation and supports self-preparing for pharmacists, I believe we found the right partner” Jan Waal, Managing Director, SAL

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