17 december 2022 – 5 april 2024


Getting your Life Sciences and Health or Biotechnology startup going comes with many challenges. The unlock_ Incubation Program is an entrepreneurship program to support seed-stage Life Science and Biotechnology startups in becoming "economically active". In other words: raise money, strategically spend money and build healthy teams. We do this by having you answer the question: 'How can we help you?'
During the 12-month Incubation Program we will support you in identifying the blind spots in your business model and to develop a validation strategy. The program is based on the Healthtech Innovation Cycle, a scientific model designed specifically for Life Science and Biotech entrepreneurs.
In this program, you will unlock:
  • Your investor readiness;
  • Your hard & soft business skills;
  • The largest Life Science & Health network in the Netherlands. 

Apply before February 15! 

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This is unlock_ Incubation:

Each Life Sciences and Biotech company has their own unique set of challenges. In order to accommodate your specific needs, we challenge you to answer the following question: 'how can we help you?'

With this idea the unlock_ Incubation Program has been divided into two parts: 

  1. The Onboarding in which you will follow 9 highly interactive sessions over 3 months to challenge you to answer questions and gain insights around: your business proposition, your investor readiness and your soft skills
  2. The Tailor-made program for 9 months which you can design based on your own specific needs. The insights you gathered in the first 3 months during the onboarding will help shape your unique deliverables for this period. There are also two sprints during this period focusing on Market Access & Reimbursement, and Building Team Culture & Becoming a Key Opinion Leader. 

Furthermore, you will receive the support and the access to the venture capital and Biotech network needed for your startup.

Read more about the program in the brochure


What is the selection process?

  • Registration is now open until the 15th of February 2023!
  • Startup selection & pitch days from the 22nd until the 24th of February
  • 3-month onboarding from the 4th of April
  • 9-month tailor-made program commencing in June


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