22 juni 2022 – 5 oktober 2022


Accelerating your academic startup journey

Creating immediate impact from scientific innovations is hard. ASC helps academic startups from all disciplines to connect to a valuable network of investors, mentors, peers and just some really clever minds. Get in now and fasten your seatbelts!

The deadline to sign up is August 15.



But, there is a competition element to it as well. We’re after the 10 most promising Dutch academic startups. If you can convince us of your potential to change the world, you’ll access a whopping set of prizes. 

USA Mission

A tailor-made USA business trip tailored to the needs and phase of your startup. You go to the most relevant hub in the USA for your startup. One promise: this is an absolute game changer for your startup.

Training from experts

Meet and get trained by experts in business development, impact, investing, and more.


Get featured in the top-10 most promising academic enterprises in national outlets.


Joining is fast & easy

Are you excited and ready for it? Great, we are too. Final check: apply now if you meet the 5 criteria below. Fill in the first form in 15 minutes and after receiving your confirmation, 1 hour for providing additional information. ASC is particularly looking for 1) being a promising startup, 2) level of academic integration/valorisation & 3) founder (and team) with potential. The more you showcase these, the bigger your chance to make the selection.

1. An academic startup with the ambition and potential to be disruptive and scale internationally within the coming 5 years.

2. A successful transfer from science/technology developed at a Dutch University, University Medical Center, KNAW, NWO institute or TO2.

3. Maximum 5 years in incorporation.

4. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

5. Present at both Preparation Event & Finale.


Then this is what you're up for

You get maximum chances in minimal time. Just the opportunity every entrepreneur is always looking for. You can note down the following days and times in your agenda. 
  • Startup scouting - Deadline August 15
  • Selecting Startups - September 1
  • Preparation Event - September 15
  • Finale Event - October 5
  • USA Mission - November 2022


Sign up before August 15


This event is hosted by the Academic Startup Competition


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