PLNT team

Meet the team of PLNT. In this place, everyone is equal and equally valuable. In addition to supporting innovators and entrepreneurs, we believe individual success is just as important. Meet the people who grow our community and organization. Because that growth comes through us together.


Bastiaan de Roo
General Director
Roy Zitman
Head of Operations
Arjan Meester
Manager Finance
Nienke Schamper
HR Manager
Naomi Haasnoot
Facility Manager
Merel Vooijs
Communication Officer
Amy Choufoer
Front Office Coordinator
Kim Boetekees
Marketing Manager
Christian Ramakers
Program Manager unlock_
Erwin Roodhart
Head of Business Development
Aniek Langendijk
Stéfan Ellenbroek
Program Director unlock_
Lisa Heuer
Henriëtte van Dam
Project Manager unlock_
Sander Kuin
Activation Manager
Suzanne Groenendijk
Event Coördinator
Sven van der Vlies
Junior program manager
Charlie Wulff
Incubation Lead
Wouter Nicolai
Facility worker
Micha Heilman
Activation Manager
Shalize Jagmohan
Junior Facilitair Medewerker
Fleur van der Kraats
Junior Contentcreator
Milou Roos
Junior Contentcreator

PLNT Students

You have those ambitious students during your studies among them who go the extra mile and want to make the most of their student life.

The board members of PLNT Students, our own student organization, are a great example of this.

But they do so – naturally – just a little differently than the other associations. They pave the path for fellow ambitious students. With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Board Leiden
Tim Kerkhoff
Paula Kovač
Jort Verhage
Iago Jover Mariño
Program Manager
Sara van Beek
Community manager
Board The Hague
Salma Nasser
Quincy de Palm
Treasurer & Business Affairs
Jorden Kent
Community & Event Manager
Archie Kumar
Marketing Manager
Olga Jimenez
Programme & Education Manager
Ryan Bosman
Secretary The Hague

Board & Supervisory Board

Bastiaan de Roo
Chairman Board
Rob Mayfield
Board Member
Ruby Fasten
Board Member
Annetje Ottow
Chairman of Supervisory Board (Leiden University)
Jordy v.d. Steenhoven
Supervisory Board member (Hogeschool Leiden)
Fleur Spijker
Supervisory Board member (Gemeente Leiden)
Otto Jelsma
Supervisory Board member (mboRijnland)
Maarten Noort
Supervisory Board member (Northpool)
Erna Barel
Supervisory Board member (BaseClear)

We innovate together. But we're also having fun. Lot's of it.

We work hard. But also love to have fun. Fun and relaxation are an important part of our work. We have lunch together, drink gallons of coffee, actively participate in the weekly Community Drinks, hold ping pong and padel tournaments, and the party committee organizes a (too) crazy outing three times a year.

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