Exculture Biotech

Exculture Biotech is working on transforming essential pharmaceutical products. Follow Exculture Biotech on LinkedIn


The redevelopment of Energiepark combines the preservation of industrial heritage with the development of green spaces, housing, culture, employment, and other amenities. A unique and exciting area development that will take several years. Follow Energiepark on LinkedIn


Blockbook is working to offer the ideal personalized learning experience to students in a fully automated manner. They achieve this by developing new technologies that allow textbooks to be sold in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This way, Blockbook ensures that the books do not lose their value. Follow Blockbook on LinkedIn

Amplio Pharma

Amplio Pharma is an innovative manufacturing company that develops improved versions of existing medications. Follow Amplio Pharma on LinkedIn

AKIN Solutions

AKIN Solutions offers custom solutions for mass spectrometry imaging for product development, aiming to gain a better understanding of product functionality and highlight key operating mechanisms. Follow AKIN Solutions on LinkedIn


Bionomic houdt zich bezig met de ontwikkeling van moleculaire diagnostiek binnen de fytopathologie. Ze gebruiken onder meer PCR-technieken om ziekteverwekkers binnen de agrarische sector te detecteren en/of kwantificeren. Hun doel is hierbij? Het waarborgen dan wel niet verbeteren van de kwaliteit binnen de agrarische sector. Volg Bionomic op LinkedIn

Science meets Business

The Science meets Business (SmB) Foundation brings together conceptually, as well as physically, scientists, young business professionals, students and (potential) entrepreneurs to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas and encourage knowledge sharing, innovation and collaboration at the intersection of science and business.


unlock_ is a Life Science Incubator for startups and scale-ups in Leiden, Netherlands


Whispp is developing AI speech technology that converts whispered speech and pathological speech into the person’s natural voice, with the intonation and emotion that was intended.

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