3D Printman

De 3D Printman print allerlei verschillende 3D-producten in zijn 3D-lab.


LEVEN VISION is working on clinical diagnostics using Artificial Intelligence to improve the lives of everyone. Follow LEVEN VISION on LinkedIn


SolarSleeve is launching an innovative series of products that generate energy without taking up the already scarce space. Generating energy flexibly without reliance on the grid. In addition, SolarSleeve aims to maximize the reuse of materials, repairability, and production in the Netherlands. They achieve this by cleverly integrating solar panels and an inverter into a […]

Wessel Juristen

Wessel Juristen is there for all your questions regarding labor law and corporate law. They provide advice, negotiate, and mediate. And if necessary, they litigate in court. Follow Wessel Juristen on LinkedIn

Benedict Peax

Benedict Peax helps businesses finance meaningful innovation and growth with public, private, and banking resources. Follow Benedict Peax on LinkedIn

Patient One

Patient One is a collaboration between academics, pharmaceutical experts, development specialists, clinical experts, patient representatives, and social investors with the goal of developing a new formulation for the treatment of cystinosis at a fair price to ensure patient access throughout Europe. Follow Patient One on LinkedIn


Orfenix’s mission is to make medications more accessible to those who need them the most. That’s why they are working on creating innovative public-private partnerships that bring together doctors, patients, medical centers, NGOs, and social investors to develop new treatments that truly make a difference. Follow Orfenix on LinkedIn

Leiden Learning Innovation Centre (LLInC)

The Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre (LLInC) supports innovative and high-quality education within Leiden University and in collaboration with academic and societal organizations. Follow Leiden Learning Innovation Centre (LLInC) on LinkedIn


Juvoly is working on developing software for all employees in primary care. Follow Juvoly on LinkedIn

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