Entrepreneurship & Impact 101

For students in The Hague

PLNT The Hague and YES!Delft The Hague are joining forces to help enterprising students in The Hague to get started and learn more about entrepreneurship. Are you a student living/studying in The Hague and are you interested in entrepreneurship? Then read on!

What PLNT The Hague & YES!Delft The Hague have to offer you

How can you turn your passion into a profitable and impactful business? Join our program “Entrepreneurship and Impact 101” consisting of four workshops designed to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills. From ideation to pitching, you’ll learn everything you need to know to turn your vision into reality. At the end of this workshop program, we organize the final event: Entrepreneurship Day

The workshops

In the next couple of months, we offer 4 (free) workshops to learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a business. That’s how your idea will get off the ground. Sign up for one of the workshops, or attend them all!

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Entrepreneurship Day

Are you ready to unleash your inner entrepreneur? Then mark your calendars for the upcoming Entrepreneurship Day, organized by YES!Delft and PLNT in The Hague.

This event is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and inspiration they need to turn their ideas into successful businesses. We have gathered some of the most successful startup founders and experts in the industry to share their experiences and insights with you. You will learn everything from ideation to market validation, funding, and scaling through keynote speeches and breakout sessions.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may face many challenges and obstacles along the way. But rest assured, you are not alone. The Entrepreneurship Day is here to support you, guide you, and inspire you on your journey. We believe anyone can be an entrepreneur, regardless of background,education, or experience. All you need is an idea, a passion, and the courage to pursue your dreams. And we are here to help you every step of the way. So join us on this exciting journey of entrepreneurship, and let’s create a better future together.

The Entrepreneurship Day will take place in The Hague Tech on June 21st from 16.00-21.00.

We look forward to seeing you there!

About PLNT The Hague

PLNT The Hague is the new entrepreneurial hub of The Hague’s ecosystem. Derived from parent organization PLNT Leiden and inspired by Leiden University Campus The Hague, we at PLNT The Hague provide space, knowledge and assistance to startups in the region. Over the years we have developed, and continue to develop, our networks to take entrepreneurs to the next level. Our programs offer tailored advice, help and action to turn your idea into a realized startup.

About YES!Delft

YES!Delft helps startups to make a positive impact on the world through entrepreneurship and their extensive startup ecosystem. Their team is proactively engaged in startups’ journey from inception to exit, to empower and enable founders to contribute to a better world. 

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