At PLNT, we bring together innovators and entrepreneurs from the Leiden region. We do this by facilitating programs, but also by setting up different projects that pursue the same goals.

The Field

Next to Leiden Central is our sustainable event venue, The Field. All buildings are circular and contribute to the transition to a clean, sustainable and resilient economy. Result: the city becomes more inclusive, greener and healthier.


unlock_ is the incubation program for Life Science & Health startups and scale-ups. At Leiden Bio Science Park, we provide the structure, program, network and tools to turn an idea into a solution.

PLNT The Hague

PLNT The Hague is the new entrepreneurial hub of The Hague’s ecosystem. Inspired by Leiden University Campus The Hague, we in The Hague provide space, knowledge and assistance to startups in the region.

PLNT Students

PLNT Students is the student organization for students interested in entrepreneurship. PLNT Students is for students who have their own business or would like to start a startup. We also provide the tools to explore whether entrepreneurship is for you.

Building together

Do you have an innovative idea to improve the ecosystem in the Leiden region and do you want to do it with us? Cool! Let’s explore the possibilities together.

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