Is your innovative product or service just entering the market or do you have a clear plan on how you’re going to get it done in the short term? Then join PLNT Sprout; the community program to grow your startup!

As a member of PLNT Sprout, you rent an affordable workspace and are an instant member of the Leiden startup community. Besides expanding your network and exchanging experiences with other startups, we support you with individual coaching.

Here's what you can expect

With PLNT Sprout, we offer you a workplace at a fair price as a budding entrepreneur. Because hey, let’s be honest. You don’t have thousands of dollars at your disposal right away, do you?

Each startup pays €100 + €75 per desk (2 days per week) or €135 per desk (5 days per week) with a maximum of 4 desks per startup.

For all this, you can expect this:

  • Bi-weekly community reflection with the Sprout community (on Thursdays);
  • Monthly coaching with someone whose experience and skills match your needs;
  • Flex desks for a maximum of 4 people;
  • Free use of meeting rooms in the PLNT building;
  • Access to PLNT partners (attorneys, investors, etc.) & community events;
  • Free coffee & tea;
  • Free PLNT-Community drinks on Thursdays (5 p.m. – 7 p.m.).

Is Sprout something for you?

JA when you:
  • have a scalable business idea based on technological or scientific innovation.
  • have validated your business case or are in the final stages of validation and are ready to execute
  • recently marketed your product/service or have a clear and realistic plan for how you will enter the market.
  • team has the right skills and expertise to scale the concept.
  • are fully committed to turning your startup into a scale-up. work on it full-time or plan to do so after you reach a funding threshold.
NEE this program doesn't match:
  • Business forms that are not scalable and innovative - this includes consulting, e-commerce and content creation concepts and any form of agency* - except when it serves as a short-term payback** to a larger, scalable concept.
  • Mature companies launching a new product or service unless it is in the form of a truly independent spin-out.
  • Startups whose technical feasibility of the concept has not yet been proven. Complete your research and then please come back to us!
  • Startups without a validated business case and/or a go-to-market and funding plan. The Venture Academy might be a better fit for you

* Nothing wrong with these forms of business! But this is not what we are focusing on.

** For example: you do freelance consulting in your field so you can pay for the technical development of your startup.


See the most frequently asked questions.

PLNT Sprout is a program for startups that have just completed one of the other PLNT programs, or have just started.

These startups seek a community program and coaching to bring their product or service to market and/or capture it.

Each startup pays €100 + €75 per desk (2 days per week) or €135 per desk (5 days per week) with a maximum of 4 desks per startup.

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