What makes a good idea? And how do you actually measure that? You’ll learn that by joining the PLNT BOOST program. The program helps you understand how to build, evaluate and pitch your own ideas. An inspiring 3-session workshop program where you will learn to work with Design Thinking tools to find the best possible version of a solution and learn how to pitch it!

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What will you learn at PLNT BOOST?

The point during PLNT BOOST is to become aware of how and why you want to add value to whom. Once you understand how to explain these 3 elements, it will be much easier for you in the future to create and present ideas that are more impactful. And thus can be defined as a “good” idea!

BOOST consists of 3 sessions, with the final event later in the year, along with other BOOST participants. Each session lasts about 4 hours and always includes dinner and drinks for each participant (please tell us your dietary needs in advance).

The sessions:

Session 1. Problem mapping

Learn to get inside your potential client’s head and find out how to help him and prove that your idea will make him better and solve his problem.

Session 2. Creating Solution

Learn how to create value for the customer by designing small experiments and validating what you are going to offer them.

Session 3. Pitch training

Learn how to give a basic pitch and how to present yourself in a professional manner.

Where & When

The PLNT BOOST program lasts for 4 weeks. All workshops are held at PLNT Leiden.

We additionally suggest spending 3-6 hours each week learning, connecting with people and building your idea. The result depends on the time you spend on it.

At the moment we have a summer break. Keep an eye on the page and sign up as soon as BOOST starts again!


View the most frequently asked questions.

Nope, our partners pay for your participation. This amounts to about €800 per person. So check carefully if you can be there on all dates.

In addition to session time and your coaching calls, we recommend 3-6 hours of work on your idea.

Yes, it is mandatory to participate in all sessions.

Importantly, you already have an idea and would like to develop it, but you haven’t yet contacted potential clients to see if they like your idea.

No, all sessions are physical. We believe that physical meetings benefit your participation. This way you can grow more and connect better with the other participants/PLNT community.

Yes, you certainly can! You can work Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Sandbox. The coffee and tea there is free, there are flex spaces, you can brainstorm with other participants from programs and it is PLNT Students’ base place.

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Intake interview
Do you have an idea you would like to develop? Then Sander, André or Nino will contact you by phone to conduct a brief intake interview.

After your intake interview, you are welcome to attend the first session of BOOST! Ready to get started on your idea and learn super much? We are looking forward to it!

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