At PLNT, we develop several programs. For starting entrepreneurs or talents who like to develop ideas but don’t want their own business. Wherever your ambition lies, we’ll teach you all the skills YOU need! 

Which program suits you?

We have a total of 6 programs to suit each stage for early stage entrepreneurs. Check out our programs below.

Unsure which program suits you best? Contact us!


Attend one of several workshops and grow your skills!

Ready To Start

Learn what it takes to launch a science-based startup! 


Startup Play

Is entrepreneurship the right fit for you? Discover it during Startup Play!

Venture Academy

Validate your business case and take the next steps to grow.


Rent a workspace and receive coaching on entering the market.

unlock_ Incubation

Follow as Life Sciences or Health startup this tailor-made program.


Review Startup Play

“I experienced Startup Play as a great program. We were well guided to go from an idea to an initial prototype and get in touch with our first customers. We learned new ways to think about our idea and also saw new possibilities, some of which we hadn’t considered ourselves.”

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