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Make your first
business decisions.

Build a healthy team, find your first 30k, improve your product.

The Venture Academy is the best way to build your startup in biotech, space tech and impact tech.

The Venture Academy is 4-month journey shared with a community of entrepreneurs, experts and mentors where:

you learn how to build a healthy team
you learn how to make business decisions you get ready for your first 30k funding


Venture Academy

First step into launching your startup!

  • When: 13 november 2020 –  4 months
  • What:
    Entrepreneurship workshops and specialized sessions depending on
  • Result after: 

    – Validated solution with 20 possible customers
    – Plan of what to do in the following 6 months.

    –  You feel ready and confident to launch your company and look for investment.

  • Strength: learn how to develop a healthy team and learn from experts on your specific industry.
  • Is this for you? are you commited to your idea and get ready for funding?

Ask Betty!

She can answer all your questions.

Send her an email to: betty@plnt.nl

Contact her via WhatsApp: +31643702829

Specialized tracks

Specialized tracks and session focused on the needs that every startup of your industry. should focus on.


Along the 4 months we will have 7 in-depth days will help you to develop your startup


We have a network of mentors, experts and investors that can help you consolidate your solution.

Ventures created

What's the registration process?

Deadline online
23 October

26 oct- 1 Nov

Getting things
1 Nov-11 Nov

13 Nov

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds
Until the application deadline on October 22

It's all about validation.


Plan and test your first MVP

Identify first customers

Develop founders mindset

Validate your product

Validate your market

Boost your team

What makes you a qualified applicant?

  • You have an innovative business idea
  • You have at least one partner in crime
  • You have validated the problem with 10 people
  • You have a clear value proposition and you know your core benefit
  • You are eager to get outside and test your solution

Apply before october 23, 2020

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