StartUp Play

Are you interested in turning your idea into reality? Join our StartUp Play program and get started!

What are the steps?

  • Give Sander a call
  • Have a coffee together
  • Inspire
  • Activate
  • Validate
  • Grow
  • Transfer
Start Up Play specialist Sander Kuin

How does it work?

Because you are just getting started, we are going to focus on the first three steps: Inspire, Activate and Validate.

  1. You are inspired and have an entrepreneurial idea, or you are just curious about your options in entrepreneurship. Give our specialist Sander Kuin a call (+31 6 4284 0066) and share your thoughts!


  2. After the first call, you meet up for coffee (or tea) and get to know each other better. You talk about your idea(s) and in which state of the process of starting a business you are. Are you still exploring? No problem! That’s what we’re here for: to help you plant your idea-seed and let it grow into a serious StartUp.


  3. With our help and guidance, you actively start to think and work on your idea and you make it more concrete.

When can I get started?


10 Mar 9-2pm : Sculpt an innovative draft of a business model

17 Mar 9-2pm:  Identify your core benefit

24 Mar 9-2pm:  Develop your value proposition

Ontkiemende plantjes

Let's have a coffee!

Let’s meet up and talk about your entrepreneurial ideas!