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An SDG Challenge from PLNT is a one full day event at PLNT Leiden where students, young professionals, start-ups and companies with an entrepreneurial mindset and different skills will work on the best ideas submitted to find new business cases that contribute to the chosen Sustainable development goal of that day.

We do these challenges first of all to collaboratively find solutions for these problems. But also, because we want to support the entrepreneurial mindset. If you want things to change, it might be your idea that can make the difference. And it’s ok if the idea or team formation needs some extra work to create a solid business case, because that is exactly what this day is for and mainly why PLNT is organizing it. To support the future projects and startups that will create the impact we need in Leiden and the region.


Requirements to submit


1. Your idea has to be your own, which means it doesn’t have to be unheard of, but it cannot be IP-protected by someone else.

2. Signing up for the SDG Challenge means you commit to participating in the event if your idea gets selected, or that you allow a team to work on the idea, giving them ownership.

3. You are open to new input!




How do I submit ?


Sign up with your solution!
If you have a business case or idea as a team or as individual, you can submit! You can use the day to finalize it or validate certain aspects of it with the experts. And maybe find that additional team member with the skill set you need to develop it in to a further stage!

Just want to help for 1 day? Sign up as Contribuddy!
If you feel connected to the challenge and just want share your knowledge for 1 day, you can sign up as Contribuddy to deliver
your part of the impact. You can team up with other Contribuddy’s to form a new team or join an existing one that needs support.



What’s in it for the winner?

– The winning team will be offered the opportunity to join a  business model training or validation of choice at PLNT with personal coaching on the side.
– 1 year free working space for at LUGUS,
– 2 hours of legal advice from DPA.
– 1 year free domain + email for your project.
– 1 promotion video of 2 minutes by inhouse filming.
– 1 hour of coaching scale-up advice from our incubation team

If you’re inspired, you win as well!

Because like we said, we do this to support the entrepreneurial mindset. If you got inspired by the event and you are curious what the entrepreneurial world can offer you, feel more than welcome to join our PLNT programs to continue this exiting journey.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday 01 January (17:00) – Sunday 20 December (21:00)
Tuesday 07 April (13:00 – 14:00)
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Tuesday 14 April (13:00 – 14:00)
Masterclass | Creativity in boring times

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