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Startup PLAY

Validate your startup idea!

Curious what your idea looks like as a startup?

Startup PLAY is a startup program that helps to translate your idea into a startup concept.

Learn in 4 sessions how to make an idea suitable for a target group, how to test it and what it takes to make a startup.

Not a complete idea yet? We also offer personal coaching to prepare your idea for this program!


The first step to your own startup!

Startup Play

  • The programme includes four bootcamp sessions on Thursday afternoon with personal online coaching!

  • Result:
    > You know how to make an idea suitable for a target group.
    > You have a first MVP to test with the target group.
    > You have a global idea of what it takes to convert the idea into a startup
    > Advantage of the program: You learn to experiment and evaluate the results based on what you learn during the sessions.
Start Up Play specialist Sander Kuin

Questions? Call Sander!

He will answer all your questions. 

Send him an email: sander@plnt.nl

Or send him : +31642840066


Each session you create experiments to get real feedback from the market.


3 sessions to help you convert your idea into a startup proposal.


Get personal coaching before, during and after the program.

What is the registration process?

Please contact Sander

For a little introduction and to see how far you are with your idea in order to help.

Coaching sessions

Short weekly coaching sessions to get your idea ready for Startup Play and after for the Venture Academy.

Participation Startup Play

3 workshops to convert your idea into a startup proposal.

Coaching sessions

Short weekly coaching sessions to test your startup proposal.

It is not only strength, but mainly technique that gets you somewhere.

At Startup PLAY you learn...

To evaluate results

Spot the need of a target group

What your startup consist of

How to make your first MVP

How to get feedback from your surrounding

How to test an idea with users

What makes you a suitable participlnt?

  • You are curious and motivated
  • You have a certain connection with the subject of your idea.
  • You have an innovative idea you want to 
  • You are open to collaborate with others
  • You are motivated to invest time and effort in experimenting

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