PLNT Students

PLNT Students is the student organization for all students interested in entrepreneurship. We are here for students who have their own business, or would like to start a startup. But we also offer you the tools to orient yourself whether entrepreneurship is for you. Of course, the association is easy to combine with your studies or other associations! Mbo, hbo of wo. At PLNT Students, all students are welcome! Will you join PLNT Students Leiden or The Hague?

“Where students meet entrepreneurship”​

Leiden is a true student city. As a result, the city is bursting with innovative talent. And their ideas, deserve a chance. They are the changemakers of the future. And they will transform our society and ecosystem over time. And make the world a little bit better.

These students we want to inspire, guide and teach more. And that in a pleasant, safe haven, in a community of changemakers: students as well as experienced pioneers. We connect student, teacher, experts and business partners.

This is what you should expect as a student:

  • A physical workspace to work on your business/projects;
  • workshops on all kinds of topics;
  • mentorship programs;
  • a minimum of 2 networking events per year;
  • monthly (free!) get-togethers.


From the Sandbox in PLNT Leiden, the board members of PLNT Students Leiden are ready for you to organize the most fun workshops and cool get-togethers. Do you live and/or study in Leiden and want to discover more about entrepreneurship? Then join us!

The Hague

Enterprising students from The Hague can also join the very best student association in the region. The board members of PLNT Students The Hague would love to welcome you and help you in your journey in entrepreneurship!


Events for students

Get free support from students
Would you like to get help with digitisation as an entrepreneur? Then come on the…
15 April 2024
Startup Commons Life Science & Health
We are very pleased to announce that the Startup Commons Life Science & Health 2024…
23 May 2024
Learn all about young professionals in half a day
No company can go without young professionals. But how do you interact with them?…
31 May 2024

Students Boards


Tim Kerkhoff
Paula Kovač
Jort Verhage
Iago Jover Mariño
Program Manager
Sara van Beek
Community manager

The Hague

Salma Nasser
Quincy de Palm
Treasurer & Business Affairs
Jorden Kent
Community & Event Manager
Archie Kumar
Marketing Manager
Olga Jimenez
Programme & Education Manager
Ryan Bosman
Secretary The Hague

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