PLNT Students

PLNT Students is the student organization for students interested in entrepreneurship. PLNT Students is for students who have their own business or would like to start and startup. But we also offer you the tools to orient yourself whether entrepreneurship is for you. Of course, PLNT Students is easy to combine with your studies or other associations! Will you join PLNT Students Leiden or The Hague?

What PLNT Students has to offer you

At PLNT Students we offer such things as:

  • A physical workspace to work on your business/projects;
  • workshops on a variety of topics;
  • mentoring programs;
  • a minimum of 2 networking events per year;
  • monthly (free!) get-togethers.

PLNT Students Leiden

From the Sandbox in PLNT Leiden, the Board members of PLNT Students Leiden are ready for you to organize the most fun workshops and cool get-togethers. Do you live and/or study in Leiden and want to discover more about entrepreneurship? Then join us!

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PLNT Students The Hague

Enterprising students from The Hague can also join the region’s very best student union. The Board members of PLNT Students The Hague would love to welcome you and help you in your journey in entrepreneurship!

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Symposium: Partnering and Business Models in Precision Medicine
Symposium Partnering and Business Models in Precision Medicine…
16 November 2023
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7 October 2023
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7 October 2023

Students Boards


Medeea Soroceanu
Henry den Hartog
Treasurer & Business Affairs
Barbara Ronchietto
Marketing Manager
Vera de Groot
Community & Event Manager
Nino van Moorsel
Education Manager

The Hague

Rüya Erdoğan
Naomi Lamaury
Treasurer & Business Affairs
Meghan McMorrow
Community & Event Manager
Noga Natanson
Marketing Manager
Anoush Alibhai
Education Manager
Jasmann Chhatwal
Secretary The Hague

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