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1 October 2021

Some of you might have heard during the borrels and in the hallways that PLNT is expanding to The Hague. Well, you heard it right! Last week we held our very first workshop titled: “Design your Future(s)”. 

We have been listening to Leiden University students’ wants and needs in The Hague, and there is general anxiety around thinking about the future. That is why we asked Betty, the guru on technology and future trends in our community, to give an interactive workshop. This workshop was titled “Design your Future(s)” because there are a number of different avenues that you can take to achieve your goals! Hence, you need to be aware of the possibilities, the trends, the questions, and the methods that can help you navigate uncertainty. One of the methods includes jotting down five totally different future timelines and identifying the common denominators.

The workshop was a success because it was primarily discussion-based. This allowed the participants to voice their opinions and concerns and go deep into conversations about mindset. For example, we talked about the definition of success and explored how oftentimes we do not have the courage to design our own paths and instead follow what society deems to be successful. In the second part of the event, the students were divided into two groups. The first group wanted to learn more about future technological trends. The second group wanted to take the time to reflect on their various potential avenues towards their goals. Finally, we concluded the evening with some drinks where everyone had the opportunity to reflect on the workshop, as well as network and meet other students. 


About  PLNT Students 

​​PLNT Students is an initiative where students in The Hague can contribute to tackling pressing public challenges through entrepreneurship. We aim to connect students, academics, and local organizations into one diverse community. To do this, we are offering a variety of workshops, panel discussions, and hands-on challenges. Our upcoming event will be a panel discussion on the intersection between entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence in the legal sector. For more information, follow us on Instagram: @plntstudents


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