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PLNT enters into partnership with TeekensKarstens!

11 October 2021

During the PLNT Festival, we festively introduced our new partner TeekensKarstens (TK) to the community. Through this partnership, TK will make its legal expertise available to our startups and scale-ups.

Rens Goudsmit (Head of TK Tech): “PLNT is the place of tomorrow’s makers; this is where everyone meets and we want to be among them. TK can help startups best, because we have a lot of experience with startups. So we know from the beginning what is needed, what the pitfalls are and what to look out for. At PLNT, I see cool ideas. This is what energizes us and we want to be part of new technological developments. Starting entrepreneurs can come to us for legal help, even for the smallest questions: in the end these may make the biggest difference.”

We look forward to the future of our partnership!

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