Vote Hospital Hero to the Klokhuis Science Prize 2024!

1 March 2024

Exciting news! Hospital Hero Foundation‘s research has been nominated for the coveted and prestigious Klokhuis Science Prize 2024! With their research “Spying is not allowed, but in the hospital, it is” they are making the hospital less exciting and more accessible for all children in the Netherlands.

Pediatric cardiologist and deputy department head Arno Roest knocked on Hospital Hero Foundation’s door last year asking if they could create a game in preparation for medical procedures such as a heart ultrasound and ECG. Graduate student Britt Müller of Delft University of Technology set to work on this and developed the ‘Even Spieken’ game. She first researched what children want to know before going to the hospital; What do they find exciting, what, on the contrary, can be reassuring. She walked with cardiac technologists and medical pediatricians, immersing herself in the world of children’s experiences.

The result is a stunning game that children can play at home in preparation for, say, a cardiac exam. By having children test the game for three months, we found out that they no longer face unnecessary surprises and it helps them in preparation for a visit.

"It made it kind of fun for him to go here, whereas otherwise he's like 'I have to go to the hospital' and 'as long as we don't go poking around.' And now it was just obvious what was going to happen"

Spying is not allowed, except in the Hospital

The game helps children and parents prepare for their hospital visit. It also creates understanding and connection between children in the hospital and their peers at home. The ‘Even Spieken’ game is now available for the blood draw, ECG and cardiac ultrasound. Next year, Hospital Hero Foundation will work in collaboration with LUMC’s radiology department and Child and Hospital Foundation, among others, to expand for an X-ray, MRI and CT scan.


The Klokhuis science prize is awarded each year to the research that most appeals to children. From all the entries, a panel of judges will choose the best 10 for a chance to win the coveted prize. From February 26, 2024, you can vote for the research you think deserves the Klokhuis Science Prize via the Klokhuis website. Your vote counts! The winning research will be immortalized in a Klokhuis Science episode. The exciting reveal of the winner will take place on Sunday, March 17, during the InScience Festival in Nijmegen.

Together, let’s vote Hospital Hero to victory and help make the hospital just a little finer and more accessible. Vote via You can vote from February 26 to March 17.

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