Venture Academy: meet the new cohort

May 14th 2024

The validation programme for startups in Leiden has started again and that means it is time to introduce the new cohort! Meet the new group of changemakers working hard on their startup during Venture Academy.


David de Haas, Erik de Haas and Michiel Kruijff together form ZemQuest, their energy-as-a-service based on their aluminium ZemCell battery delivers sustainable, effective, mobile energy where and when you need it.


Led by Niclas Brinkman and Daniel Hamandouche, ForSure is committed to supporting SMEs in regulatory compliance and promoting a circular economy. Their software simplifies the EPR reporting process, enabling efficient data collection and analysis and making compliance a breeze.


The startup by Stansilav Polezhaev, Alexander Chevyagin and Renat Dovidenko offers a web portal for global bond market analysis. It allows investors to easily search and analyse bonds, get bond ideas and build their portfolios.


Darshan Ramanagoudra has also taken the plunge with MyClusters, with which he enables patients with cluster headaches to better understand and track their attacks with data-driven insights. This helps patients track seizure patterns, identify trends and monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

LITE Therapeutics

With LITE Therapeutics, Ludovic Bretin focuses on developing a photo-activated chemotherapy to improve standard care for locally advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancer, stemming from research at Leiden University.

DailyDay Security

Stan Verwer, founder of DailyDay Security, offers a cybersecurity training platform that helps organizations reduce the risk of cyber attacks and associated costs. Unlike other platforms, they focus on specific industries and offer a range of ready-to-use protocols and downloads in addition to training videos and tests.


Stef Verlinden is pioneering health extension with YOXLO, a new nutritional supplement designed to reverse the aging process. By targeting and reducing CRP, a major risk factor for aging, the product significantly rejuvenates muscle strength, cognitive function and immune system performance. It aims to give people aged 60 and above back at least a decade of vitality.


Bas Ouwehand introduces OnsVerslag, a trendwatching tool operated by a chatbot. It allows professionals to easily follow the latest technological developments. The tool summarizes the latest information and presents tricky concepts in a clear way.

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