The dangers of AI

5 April 2023

What do PLNT and AI have in common? RIGHT! Both are focused on innovation. New AI tools are flying around your ears. With the recent developments around ChatGPT, AI is going to play an increasing role in our society. A blog, web text, social media post or even your business plan is right up ChatGPT’s digital sleeve. But is this really so innocent? We list its dangers for you:

1. Misinformation 

AI models are based on the data they are trained with, so there is always the risk that they contain erroneous information. If things are wrong in the data, it will show up in your AI model.

2. Impersonal content

AI models can have trouble creating a personal voice or tone in a piece of text. This can make the content appear boring and impersonal.

3. Inaccurate language

AI models can sometimes make language mistakes or use imprecise language, which can lead to confusion or even insults.

4. Lack of originality

AI models are able to gather and write down information quickly, but it can be difficult to create original and valuable content.

5. Limitations in contextual understanding

AI models may have difficulty understanding complex contexts or situations, which can lead to incorrect or inappropriate information.

It is important to keep these dangers in mind when considering writing a piece of text via AI. It is recommended that you always re-read the content and check it for accuracy and relevance before publishing it. Want to learn how to critically review articles? Sign up for the PLNT SKILLS workshop: clear and engaging writing!

P.S.: This blog was written in collaboration with ChatGPT.

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