Startup Success: Serafine Shares Her Passion for Entrepreneurship During Her Studies

October 31 2023

Ambition, passion, and determination: that’s what you need to establish a startup. And that determination, you need just a bit more of it if you want to do this during your studies! We spoke with Serafine, the founder of Elementary the Game, about where she drew her determination from.

Why did you establish your startup during your studies?

I had come up with a physics-themed card game that I wanted for myself, and then everyone else wanted one too! We received so many requests, even from some very large companies. At that time, I was working on my thesis, which was perhaps the busiest period of my bachelor’s degree. And yet, I had no doubt about it: I had to push through with this.

What were your biggest struggles?

I would say the biggest struggle was the workload. Studying is demanding, entrepreneurship is demanding, but the combination of the two is an entirely new experience.

What things went smoothly for you?

So many things! The main thing is that everyone is enthusiastic about Elementary, and so many people want to help. From day one, we’ve already gained media attention and impressive clients, almost as if it happened naturally. It’s wonderful to see how enthusiastic everyone is!

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to other students looking to start a startup during their studies?

My biggest tip is to connect with other students who are interested in entrepreneurship. The inspiration, support, and opportunities you gain from such an environment are truly unparalleled. I can highly recommend everyone to visit PLNT!

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