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October 31, 2022

Internships are an essential part of many studies. The knowledge from the lecture tanks is applied in real-life situations and students learn how to function within a company. But finding an internship is not always easy. Not because there are not enough internship companies, but because entrepreneurs and students do not always know how to find each other. Especially in economics courses, there is not a shortage of internships, but a mismatch. Stagewijzer071 capitalize on this and helps entrepreneurs in their search for the right intern.

As an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to look for an intern for the first time. The training you did yourself may no longer exist. So how do you find out which study took its place? And can you just hire an intern? And what may and may not such an intern do? Seeking answers to these questions is a chore that takes energy and time. And entrepreneurs often do not have that time. Economie071 and Ondernemend Leiden therefore introduce Stagewijzer071. With this simple tool, entrepreneurs can find out in a matter of minutes which economics courses fit their business. Frequently asked questions are also answered. If you like the tool, other courses may also be accessed through this method.

Benefit from good match

The idea for Stagewijzer071 arose from contacts made during the Stagepact071. It was seen that entrepreneurs are eager to cooperate but need support. Nico Tates, president of Entrepreneurial Leiden: “We saw that there was regularly a mismatch between entrepreneurs and students. We felt it was important to contribute to a solution. That’s where this practical tool came from that serves both entrepreneurs and students. A good match benefits both.’

Apply for internships now

Stagewijzer071 was launched during the networking event Ondernemen in 071. Entrepreneurs could fill out the Stagewijzer071 right there. Fleur Spijker, alderman of Gemeente Leiden: ‘It is important for companies to think about interns now, so that everything is ready when students start looking for an internship in the spring. From Economie071 we were happy to facilitate the creation of this tool’. Martijn van Pelt, VNO-NCW: ‘With the tool you not only get to the right course where you can apply for the internship, you also get ideas through the questions that are asked. This may also provide new internships that companies haven’t thought of before’.

Focus on economy

The tool currently focuses on economic courses at both the mbo, hbo and wo levels. That’s where the mismatch is currently the greatest. Should the methodology prove successful, the tool can be used for other courses as well. Stagewijzer071 can be found at

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