New hub for entrepreneurial students at Campus The Hague

November 11, 2022

PLNT The Hague launched Thursday, an ‘entrepreneurial hub’ where students at Campus The Hague can learn all about entrepreneurship. They will have the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills, build a network and create an innovative startup.

Proud are Bastiaan de Roo (director PLNT Leiden) and Bart Hoenen (project leader PLNT The Hague), founders of PLNT The Hague. ‘We had to start from zero. What works, what is needed and how do you get students excited? Fortunately, we were able to draw on the programming of PLNT Leiden, which has been inspiring and guiding students on entrepreneurship since 2016. Things had to be adjusted: for example, Leiden has a strong Life Sciences profile and in The Hague GovTech (solutions that improve public services, ed.) is actually prominent. But the basic programming where an idea is turned into a business case remains the same.’

Much enthusiasm among students

PLNT The Hague currently focuses specifically on students at Campus The Hague, but hopes to eventually collaborate with other knowledge institutions such as The Hague University of Applied Sciences, ROC Mondriaan or the Royal Conservatory of Music. PLNT is already working with parties such as Yes!Delft, Impact City, The Unknown Group, WorldStartup and The Hague Tech. In any case, there is already a lot of enthusiasm for the ‘entrepreneurial’ hub on Campus The Hague. The board of the study association PLNT Students The Hague now has six talented students and students eager to get involved with PLNT The Hague. ‘Students see entrepreneurship and innovation as a route to change the world. Regardless of whether they become entrepreneurs or not, PLNT The Hague gives them the opportunity to develop themselves and explore their ambitions.’

Future plans

Although many Hague parties are working on startups, they do not have direct access to the entrepreneurial talent of Campus Hague. PLNT The Hague therefore has a unique position in the city. ‘We have never been more well received from PLNT than in The Hague, precisely because we do have that access to entrepreneurial talent.’ With the launch, Phase 1 of PLNT The Hague – identifying and supporting talented students and academics on Campus The Hague – is well underway. The next phase focuses on collaboration with Hague partners and connecting with the city. Together with the partners, we will therefore explore how the ‘hub’ can connect to the agenda and challenges of the city of The Hague.

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