GovTech NL launches creative hub in The Hague to collaborate on government innovation

November 3, 2022

The Dutch government, like every other sector, can still benefit enormously from technological and social innovations. The magic word here is collaboration. Between different disciplines, between public and private parties, and within complex organizations. At GovTech NL, collaborating on innovation becomes commonplace. With entrepreneurs, officials, administrators, citizens and scientists.

GovTech NL will be the Dutch creative and entrepreneurial community for government innovation. With the goal of a decisive government that knows how to take full advantage of the opportunities of technology and creativity. For better internal organization of governments. For the most inclusive and user-friendly relationship with citizens.

GovTech NL is going to connect the right people, drive new experiments and dramatically increase the success rate of new solutions. To that end, the collaborating partners are opening a physical hub in The Hague and combining the innovation power of dozens of organizations in the hub. In the Netherlands and internationally. Programs such as Hackathon for Good, GovTech Validation Lab and Futurepreneurs Dutch Open will work in cocreation on key themes such as Disinformation, Digital Wallets and Digital Skills.

This new hub is the result of a unique collaboration between The Hague tech community The Hague Tech, World Startup Factory, YES!Delft, Digicampus, PLNT Leiden and GovTech NL founders Danny Frietman and Rogier Klimbie. The startup was made possible in part by the municipality of The Hague and the province of South Holland.

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