The power of community

February 21st 2024

Our biggest asset is our community. And that, then, is the bearer of PLNT’s success. The community ensures that the right worlds meet and can support and help each other, that is where the power lies. We are therefore only too happy to facilitate this. But what exactly is the value of a community?

Let’s start with the definition of a community. Here we go: “A society or community is a group of people that together form a semi-closed system and within which group members interact. Although humans also live together with animals and things, the network of relationships between people is central.”


We are happy to take a position, in the creation of such a community. We are a facilitator for the PLNT community. It fills with professionals from different fields, investors, enterprising students with ambition, bright minds from the Leiden Bio Science Park and entrepreneurs with a start-up (idea). We believe that when worlds meet, growth occurs. We are happy to do our best for that. We therefore believe that facilitating a place where all these worlds come together ensures that we make the most of each other’s potential.

Sounding board

Probably one of the most important benefits of a community is that you have several sounding boards for advice and knowledge exchange. Have a question about how best to approach something? Throw it at one of the community members. Need advice on applying for a patent? Fine, squeaked by quickly connecting with a V.O. patent office, one of the partners in the PLNT community. Not sure what to think about when organising your first event? Ask the question and you get a to-do-list. In short: you learn from each other, can build on each other and rely on each other’s advice. Why reinvent the wheel when the answers are already there, right?

Need a lift?

Also nice about a community? Availability to several hands to give feedback on your startup idea, join forces to organise an event or simply help you move your office interior. It is always nice to gather people around you with whom you have something in common, it creates a bond. Apart from that, of course, it’s also just super handy. Also nice: it makes you feel less lonely on an office day. After all, without colleagues, a working day can be quite boring. And here you can also retreat if you don’t feel like or have time for a chat. Social contact at your convenience: win win win!

Being part of a community is something we are naturally familiar with and enjoy. It used to provide security and safety when you had a group around you. And in fact, it still does. Both in our private lives and in our careers, we need a group of like-minded people with whom we surround ourselves, to shape our world. We learn from each other, give advice, offer a listening ear and motivate each other. That’s beautiful. Want to experience what that PLNT community is like in real life then? Take a look at the brand new brandvideo and don’t forget to drop by at the Thursday afternoon drinks from 17:00 to experience our community!

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