Being an entrepreneur while studying, our tips!

september 18th 2023

Your college years are a challenge on their own, but what if you start your own business during studies? It may sound like mission impossible, but it doesn’t have to be like that. More and more students go into entrepreneurship whilst still working on their studies. Because: why not? But what should you keep in mind? We have summed up some practical tips!

The power of time management

As a student-entrepreneur you have to be able to schedule your time right. You will have to balance studies, work and personal life, so you don’t get overwhelmed by responsibility. Use planning tools like Simplicate, Gripp or Monday. Also: don’t underestimate the power of the good old to-do-list!

Use your school resources

Universities, colleges and mbo’s offer good sources for student-entrepreneurs. For example, network with your (guest)professors to possibly turn them in to a good mentor. You never know who you will meet and which doors that person will open for your startup! Enter in programs to get the financial funding that can lift your startup to the next level.

You may not realise it, but during your studies you grow your network. You will meet new professors in every new course and schoolyear, might attend a guest-lecture, a trainer might come by to give a class and ofcourse you meet fellow-students. These people might just open the doors to your startup! Next to that: schools often offer good sources for student-entrepreneurs. Think about webpages about entrepreneurship during studies, specific classes in entrepreneurship or even an entire minor.

Workshops & (startup) programs

Do you go to Leiden University and have a greate idea or a passion for being an entrepreneur? You can come to Luris: Knowledge Exchange Office of Leiden Unitversity and the Leiden University Medical Centre. Luris brengt de ondernemende student samen met een breed netwerk van ondernemers en professionele ondersteuners en heeft toegang tot financieringsinstrumenten die speciaal voor deze reden zijn ontwikkeld.

Next to that, at PLNT – the centre for innovation & entrepreneurship – you can join different programs and workshops during your startup-journey. You can boost your entrepreneur-skills by joining (free!) workshops, organised bij PLNT Students. Is your idea solid as a rock? Then you can join program Startup Play, in which you create a business case in three months, whilst learning everything about your target audience. Is your (technological or scientificly based) startup ready to come to market? Than our Venture Academy is perfect for you!

Work together

As an entrepreneur you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Find fellow students or friends with the same interests and start a team. Working together with others can give you new perspectives and skills that you may not have created by yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re co-owners, you can also just motivate eachother.

Do you want to know more about entrepreneurship during your studies and the possibility’s that PLNT has to offer? please contact us without obligation!

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