4 golden tips for the optimal work-life balance

May 9, 2023

Do you ever stop to think about your work-life balance? In today’s fast-paced world where we are constantly online, it’s more important now than ever to find a balance between effort and relaxation. Not only for your overall productivity, but also for your health and happiness. But don’t worry! We’ve provided you with 4 tips to keep your work-life balance in check:

1. Guard your time

As a young professional, it can be tempting to always be available and online, but it is important to set boundaries between work and personal time. Plan specific times for work and personal time, and give the different categories in your calendar a colour. Outside working hours, it’s smart to turn off your notifications, or mute your contact groups. You can install a feature that prevents you from accessing social media after a certain amount of time. How to do that? Find out here.

2. Set priorities

Make a list of your most important tasks and prioritise them according to their urgency and importance. If you find this difficult, you can ask someone else to do this for you. You can also ask for advice on how they do it. This can help you manage your time more efficiently and ensure you have enough time for both work and personal activities. For example, we ourselves work a lot with Trello, a project management tool, to help visualise all our projects and tasks.

3. Take time to recharge

Taking care of yourself is crucial. Make time for physical activity (sign up for the PLNT sports club!), eat healthy (for example at Midi) and plan in stress-reducing activities such as a walk in nature, writing down your thoughts, yoga, or meditation. Research shows that activities that demand little of you, cause the best ideas to come to mind. In addition, make time for activities you enjoy, such as spending time with family and friends, hobbies, days out, or travelling. This can help you recharge and maintain a healthy balance.

4. Talk to your team

Do you feel your workload is becoming too much? Then consider delegating tasks – if possible. If you feel overworked and are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance, talk to your manager. They may be able to offer flexible work arrangements or alternative solutions that can help you find a balance.

In conclusion, a healthy work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being. By setting boundaries and priorities, practising self-care, and communicating with your team, you can find balance and achieve success in both your professional and personal life.

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