Building towards innovation


Hi there, great to find you here!

You’ve probably had a chat with me – Sander –  or one of my colleagues about the LSP Center at PLNT Leiden.

If you have a question, feel welcome to drop by any time you like at our head quarter in the city centre of Leiden or to get in touch with the LSP Family via the form here! Then I will schedule a coffee with you as soon as I can.

The LSP Family at PLNT Leiden

Now, let us tell you what it is that we do here.

Innovation is a mindset we believe in. And the LSP Center at PLNT Leiden is a place where we celebrate the playful mindset with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s a physical space that offers fascinating and valuable opportunities for talents, startups, and professionals to gain experience and grow. Even if you’re just curious, that’s great! Because curiosity is the first step towards growth.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® has proven to have so much vibrant leverage in the startup programs that we decided to make it a Center that facilitates growth for startups, professionals, companies, and the LSP community.

We offer up to 30-50 open spots per year for freshly graduated LSP facilitators, to co-facilitate real workshops with real startups to build up track records for their own segment. This way, we can guarantee them a flying start in their LSP career.

As for the startups or businesses that sign up for our programs and events, they get to work with highly motivated LSP professionals who can’t wait to put their knowledge into practice. This way, everybody wins and we can all have some serious fun!

Happy to help

Do you have any questions, related to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, the Family or do you want to know more about PLNT? Please feel free to contact me! 

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