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25 November 2019

October 31 we organized the AI ​​Hackathon together with the LUMC. Due to the increasing aging of the population, workload and staff shortages, new technological aids in healthcare are more than necessary. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in the medical research world for several years. Yet for many healthcare institutions it is not clear how they can use AI in the workplace. The LUMC wants to put AI into practice. Interesting ideas have been developed in an 8-hour hackathon at PLNT. Check the aftermovie down below! 

Last October teams searched for an application of AI, using a lot of creativity and technical skills. For this, care experts, researchers and AI specialists from the LUMC came together to support the participants together. The participants were given, under supervision, access to real cases where AI can make an impact on patients. With this, a working model could be made. The model did not have to be finished yet, because the challenge was to make the model applicable for healthcare. So how can healthcare apply your model in practice? In an 8-hour hackathon, more than 100 participants developed, tested and pitched interesting solutions.

The winning team
Team Pacmed is the the winner of the AI hackathon, they developed an app for general practitioners that helps them to assess suspicious spots with the help of an AI application. Watch the video here and keep an eye on our program here.

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