Make impact with your idea.

The golden idea. Well, we (almost) all want to find that. We want to make the world a little bit better. And it starts with that very first wad you throw away. Because at PLNT we believe that every idea deserves a chance. And yes, it starts with that first wad. Because that one wad, has inspired you to that “golden idea.

We challenge you to turn your inspiration into action, dream without limitations and believe in the power of your own ideas. Whether you have a passion for sustainability, life science, social justice, technological innovation or anything in between. As an incubator, we provide the support and resources you need to help your ideas flourish and make an impact. Together, we can change the world. Together with our experienced team, but certainly with the PLNT Community. Your journey starts here, at PLNT.

Where to start?

From a ‘Build your own website’ workshop, ‘How to become self-employed’ or ‘Personal Finance’, Community Drinks every Thursday and a safe space where you can develop further. We organize various events and build (free) programs to come up with crazy ideas. And who knows, you might emerge as an entrepreneur and set up your own startup. OR you will take that experience and develop as an innovative employee, readying yourself for the workplace with a backpack full of new and improved skills. In other words: PLNT is the place to grow your ideas.


Two programs run each year to further develop your skills. With us, you learn about topics that you don’t get at school, for example during one of the SKILLS workshops. Do you prefer to develop more in the field of entrepreneurship? Discover your ‘entreprecurious’ side with Sander and see if entrepreneurship is for you during Startup Play


Take one of several workshops and increase your skills during SKILLS, organized by PLNT Students.


In 3 sessions you will learn how to develop, evaluate and pitch your idea.

Innovation Events

Which event are you joining?

Workshop software and AI patents in Life Science & Health
Are you a researcher or inventor in the sectors Life Sciences & Health or Biotech?…
26 June 2024
JLABS | Demystifying due diligence in biotech and medtech collaborations
Does the due diligence process seem daunting to you as a start-up…
4 July 2024
Dutch Biotech Event 2024
Join us to celebrate the power of biotech at the Dutch Biotech Event 2024!…
28 June 2024

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