Funding allows you to turn your brilliant idea into a successful business. At PLNT, we’ll help you get started in the world of investors, grants and other opportunities. 


Enterprise Leiden Fund Pre-seed, or ELF, is an early-stage loan that can help you further develop and fund your idea. In addition, ELF offers help to create a full-fledged business plan. Are you a suitable candidate? Let’s do a check:

  • Your entrepreneurial, motivated and ambitious
  • You are eager to start a new business, or to develop an existing initiative into a full-fledged company.
  • Your startup idea has both commercial and social impact.
  • You are near or recently graduated.
  • You want to invest in yourself.
  • You have a business plan.

Can you answer “Yes” to at least half of them? Then sign up!


Do you recognize that? You have made serious progress as a scientific entrepreneur, but are now running aground. You lack the equipment to bring your technology or knowledge to market, or there is no money to provide the proof-of-concept your funders are asking for. UNIIQ is a €22 million investment fund that helps entrepreneurs in the South Holland region get through this crucial phase.

UNIIQ combines the expertise and networks of three top Dutch universities (Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus MC) and a regional development company, with the universities contributing the necessary technological knowledge on the one hand and InnovationQuarter bringing market knowledge and an extensive network of private investors on the other. This combination makes the ambition behind UNIIQ credible: Innovations get to market faster.

How do I apply for funding?

Help! How do you apply for funding? Don’t worry. Arjan Meester is happy to help. He can explain all about appropriate grants, applying for ELF and more.

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