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Expat experiences in the Netherlands

23 September 2021

What is it like to move to the Netherlands? What kind of culture shocks do you experience and what can you say is typically Dutch?

“It’s super easy to live in the Netherlands and get by with English, because everyone speaks it, but I definitely recommend taking Dutch lessons as well.” – Christine  

In this episode, we speak with Christine Stein from Denmark and Carmen Monge-Montero from Costa Rica. To round off the international panel, the podcast is co-hosted by PLNT’s Fieke Koelemij, a Dutch-Australian with both international and local insights, and Merel Rem from Tilburg who can validate the facts.

If you want to know more about what it is like moving to the Netherlands, the customs and traditions, as well as tips and tricks for all international students and expats then take a listen!

PLNT Leiden · Expat Edition – PLNTing Perspectives #3

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