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Masterclass | Take control of your learning

How do I know what to learn when I’m not at Uni?

How do you learn when University is closed? Thanks to the internet we have endless opportunities to learn online. But where do you start? And how do you make sure you actually learn something and don’t end up scrolling on Instagram? On the one hand these times ask for new skills like setting learning goals, tracking your own progress and knowing what you need to learn effectively. At the same time all the extra time you have is an excellent chance to learn things you’ve always wanted to learn, whether it’s programming, starting an online business, negotiation skills, playing the guitar, painting or whatever. This masterclass guides your through the process of understanding the different types of learning and making personal decisions on what are your next natural steps without feeling overwhelmed.


Meet the trainer

Emma Stoks is an entrepreneur fascinated by learning. All her work focuses on how people and organizations can learn better, smarter and with more fun. After high school, she chose life over college. Since that decision, she has designed her own learning path as an entrepreneur. She is fascinated by learning and how we organize the process of learning in our society.

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