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Start of the Venture Academy!

Are you a student entrepreneur or young startup looking to bring your business to market? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! With workshops, coaching and dedicated mentorship, the Venture Academy gives you the support you need to really kickstart your business. This is a 5-week programme to help validate your solution and get you ready to launch your company!

What is the Venture Academy?

The Venture Academy is start-up program supporting your journey testing your solution  and developing founder’s mindset.  This program helps you validating if your solution could become a profitable business, and getting you ready launch.

For who is the Venture Academy? 

We are looking for 6 ambitious teams with an innovative idea that are willing to test themselves and their solution in 5 weeks. Is that you? 

What to expact?

If you participate in the Venture Academy, then …

How further?

After the Venture Academy, you are automatically accepted to be part of a 4-month support program of entrepreneurs who are launching their companies, and getting traction.


Sign up for the Venture Academy here and start becoming the best entrepreneur you can be!

! You can sign up until april 11 !

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