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2021 is the year we celebrate 60 years from the first human flight in space. What will the next 60 years bring?

Step on board as we set on the journey to develop the future of space! 

As we seek to explore the opportunities beyond our planet, the acceleration of space technologies is limited by the challenges posed on Earth. How to reduce the cost of spaceflight by reusing? How to proof spacetech against malware and cyberattacks? How to clean up space debris? How to optimize space navigation? How to use satellite data on earth for sustainability? How to enhance collaboration in the space sector and many more? We are on a mission to face these challenges!

In cooperation with Garage48 and SpaceOn, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine is launching the SPACETECH EUROPE Online Hackathon to:
☄️ crowdsource innovative technological solutions in spacetech;
☄️ develop the next generation of American and European space experts;
☄️ develop U.S.-Europe cooperation in the space sector.

If you’re a university student, software or technology professional, entrepreneur, scientist, or space enthusiast from Europe or the United States – join us to boost the space technology industry and develop ideas that can change our world for the better.
We are welcoming space experts and enthusiasts, engineers in software and hardware, designers (UI/UX, product), data scientists & visualizers, remote sensing experts, marketers and business developers, visionaries and BIG thinkers!

You can participate with or without an idea!

You will meet talented colleagues and mentors in the space and technology fields, learn about the space sector and career opportunities in it, network and collaborate with experts, and develop novel solutions for the future of space!

Internalisation and collaboration is the key in space field development. Use this extraordinary opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with participants across Europe and the U.S.!

We will set our course on tackling the most pressing challenges the spacetech field is facing. Stay tuned for challenges announcements!

You can apply as an individual and put together a team in the process.
Ready made international teams, formed during the hackathon registration process, are accepted to the hackathon.



☄️APRIL 12-14th 2021 – Program launch and REGISTRATION opens 

☄️MAY-NOVEMBER 2021 – series of PRE-EVENTS related to the hackathon challenges with expert speakers and IDEATION WORKSHOPS 
Get inspired and learn in more depth about the most pressing challenges in spacetech from experts in the field! Join Idea Garages to work with mentors and learn the skills how to develop your idea for the hackathon.



☄️DECEMBER 3-5th 2021 – SpaceTech Europe ONLINE HACKATHON
48 hours of teamwork, mentoring, and prototyping!

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