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Masterclass | Entrepreneurship for society

How can I act now to help handle this crisis?

In today’s vibrant economy, we witness a strong undercurrent of change in economic thinking. The importance of social integration, once a rather frozen concept, has begun to thaw; people, companies and governments are exploring and grasping the importance of embedding society within business practice to achieve longer-term survivability and positive growth prospects. The question is; How can we use business-thinking to tackle social challenges?


Meet the trainer

Betty Huerta is the entrepreneurship program coordinator at PLNT Leiden, where she coordinates the efforts that support aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their startup. Betty obtained her Masters of Science in Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, where she did research on the road social entrepreneurs working with artificial intelligence take in the context of developing countries. Before that, she worked for 4 years in the field of innovation and social entrepreneurship in Mexico at the Tec de Monterrey university.



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