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In 2050, the Dutch economy will be completely circular. That is the national objective that the Leiden region must both contribute to and want to contribute to. The Municipality of Leiden and Economie071 join forces and organize a Masterclass Circular Economy. Target groups are the entrepreneurs, governments and educational and knowledge institutions in the Leiden Region. In four meetings the participants go from theory to practice.

The Masterclass consists of four meetings. In addition to paying attention to the theory, participants will also get to work in the last two meetings. The theoretical part is provided by the specialists in this field from the Center for Environmental Sciences of Leiden University (professor René Kleijn and assistant professor Benjamin Sprecher). The practical cases are supervised by the company Copper8, which has a lot of experience in this.

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Participating in the masterclass is free, but not without obligation. Participants are expected to actively participate and share their own knowledge and insights with the other participants. The masterclasses are always from 14.30 to 17.30 and will be given on: Thursday 8 November (the theory), Tuesday 27 November (the floor), Tuesday 18 December (best practices and getting started with your own case), Tuesday 15 January ( complete own case). You can choose to follow session 1 and 2, session 3 and 4 or for the entire Masterclass.

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