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How can we improve employment and work equality?

Join the Future of Work Challenge to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable work environment in the city. 

Event Date: 7 November 2019
Event Time: 1500 – 1900
Event Address: PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden
Contact us at: titus@plnt.nl

The Future of Work Challenge is a session where experts, students and innovators gather around to discuss, understand and define possible solutions concerning employment and work equality in Leiden city, while working on achieving 3 SDG’s 

After this 4-hour session, young innovators will embark on a 5-month process to develop, validate and evaluate solutions to these challenges. This Challenge is part of the Honours Academy program, Social Innovation in Action.  To find out more about the program click here

During this session we will explore the following challenges:
1. Improve opportunities for those with a distance to the labour market;

2. Tackle employment inequality related to race, gender and age;

3. Connect future skill demands and technological advancement;

4. Tackle the challenge of school dropouts and graduate employment;

5. Improve work-life balance issues including burnouts and healthy living;

6. Provide work and inclusion opportunities to a greying economy.

We are looking for driven individuals from the Public, Private and third sector (NGO and Social enterprise) that work, are interested, or have expertise on this challenge. Will you join us?


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