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Festival 2030

Leiden shows how a sustainable future is possible!

From August 26 to September 26, 2021, all kinds of people and organizations in Leiden will show how they contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Festival 2030 invites everyone to join in realizing a greener, fairer and more sustainable world. There are hundreds of activities on the program, including a clothing exchange day for students, dinners and meetings between local residents and plastic clearing from the canals.

To achieve the 17 sustainable development goals to which the Netherlands and Leiden have committed themselves, everyone must take action. Publications such as the recent IPCC report emphasize this need. Unfortunately, such publications often ignore what people are already doing in their own environment, for their neighbors or the city where they live. The positive activism, creativity and imagination of all those doers is central during Festival 2030.

Initiators and partners

Festival 2030 is an initiative of Stichting 2030, VISSCH+STAM and Museum De Lakenhal, inspired by and in collaboration with UN Live, the Museum of the United Nations. UN Live aims to engage as many people as possible with the work and values of the United Nations. The museum has the support of António Guterres, UN Secretary General, and Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary General.

Festival 2030 is supported by the City of Leiden, the BankGiro Lottery Fund, Fonds 1818 and a large network of collaborative partners, individuals and organizations in Leiden and beyond.


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