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The Future of Jobs – Online Campus The Hague Career Event 2021

Kickstart your career, design your future!

Do you already know what you want to do after you graduate? How do you find out what suits you? And how do you prepare for the labour market? For anyone who asks themselves these questions, there is the Online Campus The Hague Career Event from 12-16 April 2021. (Only for Leiden University students)

The Online Campus The Hague Career Event is the perfect time to orientate yourself towards your future. It promises to be an inspiring week with various workshops and presentations.

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Have you ever taken a moment to imagine how the future might look like in 10 years from now? What technologies might impact this future and how can you prepare for it? Join this interactive workshop where Betty will guide you into understanding some futuristic trends and will help you define your small next step into the future.

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