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Creative Skill Building

Do you want to experience how you can improve your work, get more out of it and become extremely successful? Creativity is a muscle which you can train. Are you participating with ‘the creators company’ on Tuesday 18 December? We organize a free Meetup Creative Skill Building. Read more and sign up

What you can expect: 
1. NO TALKING HEADS – We work on an all-expert basis as much as possible. Which means that not one person has all the knowledge. But that we assume the knowledge and creativity of the group and bring it to the surface.
2. VALUABLE INTERACTIONS – Learning from each other and with each other by directly asking the right questions. Draft instead of superficiality.
3. EXPERIMENT & EXPERIENCE – A safe environment with like-minded people in which you can try and test safely. Hearing, seeing and respecting each other are out top priority.
4. DO, DO, DO! – Creative thinking equals creative working. We immediately test all the theories we devise with each other. The first step is often the hardest. By taking that step together it becomes a lot easier.




Aankomende events

Monday 19 April (00:00) - Monday 19 July (00:00)
Copernicus Masters 2021
Monday 19 April (00:00) - Monday 19 July (00:00)
Galileo Masters 2021
Thursday 17 June (12:30 - 15:00)
Show Me The Money

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