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ActInSpace Hackathon

During this successful hackathon, participants were invited to tackle one of a number of given challenges, using satellite data or an ESA patent. The team that came up with the most inventive, most promising solution with the most business potential, won. Prizes include a voucher to join Venture Academy at PLNT Leiden, and a ticket to the grand finale in Toulouse!

AIS2018 breaks records around the world. 2200 participants, 70 cities,  35 countries on 5 continents.
Including 73 participants in 15 teams, 4 challenge experts and 9 mentors in Leiden.
Read the story behind the numbers here and watch the aftermovie 

Where & when?
@PLNT Leiden – Langegracht 70, Leiden
25th and 26th May

More information: https://actinspace.org/country/netherlands

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