Workshop software and AI patents in Life Science & Health

Are you a researcher or inventor in the sectors Life Sciences & Health or Biotech? And do you develop software or use artificial intelligence (AI)? repare yourself for the future and learn the ins and outs about patents on digital innovations. Sign up It is a persistent myth that software cannot be patented. Yet the […]

JLABS | Demystifying due diligence in biotech and medtech collaborations

Don’t miss this chance to unlock the potential of collaborations with healthcare companies. Join this Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS program and explore the intricacies of due diligence. Get step-by-step guidance, insights from insiders and industry experts, and real-life experiences. Sign up Do you want to propel your start-up or innovative project to new […]

Dutch Biotech Event 2024

Join us to celebrate the power of biotech at the Dutch Biotech Event 2024! The program features inspiring talks by keynote speakers on biotech and entrepreneurship, followed by workshops and break-out sessions that contribute to your personal development and that of your company. In addition, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking during the […]

Get free support from students

Wil jij als ondernemer hulp krijgen bij digitalisering? Kom dan op de onderstaande data langs bij The Field. De studenten van mboRijnland, in samenwerking met ‘Laat digitalisering voor je werken’, staan voor je klaar in de SMRT Building en delen graag hun kennis en kunde. Waar mogelijk helpen de studenten je gelijk! Studenten kunnen helpen […]

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