Learn all about young professionals in half a day

31 May 2024 at 14.30 – 18.00

No company can go without young professionals. But how do you interact with them? What exactly are they looking for? During our event, we will give (HR) managers an insight into the world of new generations. We will show you what you can do to better connect with them, so that soon you will be a club they want to belong to.

The event consists of talks and conversations. With experts. With each other. With young professionals – because who better to tell you what young professionals want than they themselves? There is space to explore, to learn, to ask questions. You will go home with at least three things:

  • Understanding new generations
  • Awareness of your role as (HR) manager/employer
  • Research findings and concrete tips for dealing with young professionals


14:30 | Walk-in
15:00 | The Recharge Club: working with young professionals
15.15 | YoungCapital NEXT: how to make a difference with the new generations
15.45 | Youngworks: what do young professionals really want?
16.15 | Laura Bas – Gen-Z expert
16.45 | Break
17.00 | The words of young professionals
18.00 | Drinks

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