Identifying & Evaluating Market Opportunities in Life Sciences

6 june 2024 from 15.30 – 17.00

Join us for a 1.5-hour workshop where you’ll learn how to identify and evaluate market opportunities through expert-led presentations and hands-on activities. We’ll discuss how to approach market analysis, and you’ll walk away with practical skills and a hands-on plan.

What you will learn:

Introduction to Market Analysis (20 min)

Different models and tools for market analysis with a focused introduction on how to recognize and assess market opportunities Learn to understand market segmentation and competitive analysis to set the stage for a deeper exploration in the following activities.

What you will do:

Market Segmentation Exercise (40 min)

Roll up your sleeves and engage in a practical exercise where you’ll use available data to segment a market. Identify key customer demographics, understand their needs, and pinpoint market preferences. This activity will help you learn how to segment any market and effectively tailor your business strategies.

Concrete takeaway? Gain firsthand experience and a personal methodology to segment markets based on available data.

Target Market Persona Development (20 min)

Build on the insights from the first activity by creating detailed personas for each identified market segment. Participants will define the characteristics, behaviours, and motivations of typical customers in each segment, helping to refine marketing and sales strategies.

Concrete takeaway? Learn to develop targeted customer personas that enable personalized and effective marketing approaches.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for startup founders, business development managers, and marketing managers to enhance their market analysis skills. Whether you’re plotting your next move, seeking to enter a new market, or simply looking to sharpen your competitive edge, this workshop will provide helpful insights and practical tools to help you succeed.

Join us and change the way you view your market. Secure your spot today and start making informed and realistic business decisions informed by expert analysis and data-driven insights.

About the workshop:
The workshop is part of: Building The Business.

We like to believe that sharing knowledge is key to empowering startups and scale-ups to achieve better outcomes. Our workshops, founder interviews, and insights from Life Sciences events all help to equip innovators with the tools they need for success. We share insights on crucial areas like business development, marketing, communication, and customer success, ensuring that every participant can build a robust, impactful business.

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